Kitchen & Laundry Extraction System Cleaning

Urbanisation and disposable incomes have led to a culture of dining out pretty often. This in turn has led to an increase in the number of restaurant and eateries around us and the corresponding volume of cooking has created an increase in combustible grease in kitchen exhaust systems. This means more grease build-up and consequently the risk of fire is increased proportionally. To many restaurateurs and facility managers getting the exhaust duct cleaned is at the bottom of their priority list and budget. Unaware of the scale of damage a fire could destroy their business and property. Commercial and Industrial Kitchens use sophisticated extraction systems to vent smoke, odours and steam away from the cooking area and ensure odours do not migrate to restaurants or adjacent non cooking areas. These systems accumulate large amounts of grease, oil and smoke residue.

These systems require regular inspection and cleaning in compliance with local and international regulations in order to avoid the high probability of fire. This is where EPSCO Envirotech steps in and cleans all types of kitchen exhaust ducts based on American standards and guidelines NFPA#96 (National Fire Protection Association).

Method of cleaning
Kitchen Ducts are more often than not; found to be extremely greasy and therefore require ‘Wet’ cleaning methods, as opposed to the ‘Dry’ cleaning methods employed in the cleaning of HVAC ducts.
We use several safe methods for cleaning, one of which is a rotating brush and high-pressure steam nozzle. The other method involves a technician descending in the ducts depending upon the size of the duct to manually clean the duct. It has been our experience that most duct systems have little or no access and our procedure includes installing access panels or access doors to gain access.
All ‘cleaning agents’ used by us are ‘food grade’, non-inflammable’, ‘environmentally safe’ and metal friendly.
We provide comprehensive ‘After Service Report’ and ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photographs of all the areas cleaned by us.

High pressure water jetting technology is used to remove heavy derbies form the internal surfaces of pipelines or tube bundles. We offer services to clear obstructions in Kitchen pipes, laundries and drain pipes within the premises. We use steam machine instead of chemicals that can cause damage to the environment

Dirty Laundry systems contain high quantities of lint besides other contamination. This lint is a major fire hazard as most of it is cotton, which is known to be highly inflammable. Besides, high quantities of lint also lead to blockage of the ducts, thereby rendering the exhaust system ineffective. To eliminate these possibilities it is necessary to clean the system regularly and by using appropriate cleaning methods.

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